The Lennox Community Centre Kiosk is situated with access from Park Lane Theatre and servery into the Centre foyer. The Kiosk also features external access to the courtyard, especially convenient for access to bins and a barbecue, food van etc.

Food Preparation Equipment

The Kiosk is fitted out with:

  • stainless steel benches and sinks
  • commercial glass washer
  • turbo oven
  • microwave
  • 4 electric induction hobs
  • double glass fronted refrigerator
  • zip boil
  • 30L urn
  • freezer
  • bain marie

Crockery, Cutlery and Glassware


Coffee mugs and saucers 200
Tea cups and saucers 30
Sugar bowls 10
Milk jugs 5
Dinner plates 200
Dinner bowls 200
Side plates 150


Knives 200
Forks 200
Dessert spoons 200
Soup spoons 200
Teaspoons 150


Water tumblers 200
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