Meeting Rooms

Classroom Style

The Meeting Rooms are a versatile space, with the option to utilise a small, medium or large sized meeting room, depending on the combination chosen. The rooms are also used as a dance and exercise studio, featuring a full length mirrored wall at one end. All rooms have external access from the courtyard as well as kitchenettes.

1 x Meeting Room

Meeting Room 1 or Meeting Room 2 or Meeting Room 3
  • Dimensions 7.8m x 4m
  • Area 31.2m2
  • Chairs 12
  • Tables 4
lcc 1mr classroom diagram lcc 1mr classroom mosiac

2 x Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms 1 and 2 or Meeting Rooms 2 and 3 or Meeting Rooms 1 and 3
  • Dimensions 7.8m x 8m
  • Area 62.4m2
  • Chairs 24
  • Tables 8
lcc 2mr classroom diagram lcc 2mr classroom mosaic

3 x Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms 1, 2 and 3
  • Dimensions 7.8m x 12m
  • Area 93.6m2
  • Chairs 30
  • Tables 10
lcc 3mr classroom diagram lcc 3mr classroom mosaic

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