General Terms And Conditions Of Use

Setting Up, Packing Up And Cleaning

  • The setting up and packing away of the hired space is the responsibility of the hirer.
  • All of the tables, chairs and equipment hired must be stored by the user, in the allocated storage area in each room, before leaving.
  • All of the rooms, kitchenettes and the foyer must be left clean and tidy, with cutlery and crockery cleaned, dried and stored.
  • Should additional cleaning be required, a cleaning fee will be charged at $30.00 per hour for cleaners to attend Monday to Friday, or $60.00 per hour (minimum 3 hours) between Friday night and Monday morning.
  • The costs associated with additional cleaning cover the costs incurred by Council.


  • Any booking cancelled 8 days or more prior to the booking date will not incur a cancellation fee.
  • Any booking cancelled 7 days or less prior to the booking date will incur a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the total booking cost.
  • If notification is not received and the booking is not utilised, or notification is received on the day of the booking, no refund will be given and the full amount is payable.
  • If any booking is cancelled due to (a) a public health order under section 7 of the Public Health Act 2010 (NSW); or (b) a border closure, restricting access to or from NSW, clauses 8 and 9 will not apply. The hirer will be entitled to a full refund of amounts already paid towards the booking, or if the hirer prefers, the amount can be applied as a credit on the hirer's account, to be used for a booking in the same financial year.

Please note that Council reserves the right to:

  • Change the conditions of hire, or the fees and charges. Please confirm prices and conditions at the time of booking.
  • Deny access to any individual or organisation (its members and/or staff).
  • Terminate any agreement, with any individual or organisation, (its members and/or staff) at any time.

In the event of a dispute or a difference arising as to the interpretation of conditions in this agreement, the decision of the General Manager of Ballina Shire Council shall be final.

Conditions Of Hire – Single Use Hire

The following is a summary of the normal terms and conditions of hiring facilities within Ballina Shire Council’s Community Spaces:

The hirer shall:

  1. Be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Ensure that a responsible supervising adult is present during any under age function (the number of supervising adults will be determined by the size and/or type of the function).
  3. Provide a copy of the Certificate of Currency of a current public liability insurance policy to a minimum value of $20 million with the booking form, if required. Further detail is provided in this booklet under the section Insurance Requirements.
  4. Be responsible for the safety and conduct of each and every person in attendance at their event or activity.
  5. Not be disorderly or display offensive behavior as it will not be tolerated by Council.
  6. Provide evidence of a liquor licence if alcohol is SOLD at the function.
  7. Not allow patrons to consume alcohol outside the building.
  8. Not serve alcohol to minors; it is an offence to do so.
  9. Have a security guard on site from 10pm to the departure of the last guest for all private functions, which involve alcohol, or finish after 10pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and are larger in number than fifty guests.

Using the electronic fobs and disarming/arming the alarm system, the hirer shall:

  1. Collect the electronic fob and/or security key for the room/s hired as per the Venue Access section of this Guidebook.
  2. Carefully read the Venue Access information prior to your hire and contact Community Spaces if you have any questions or concerns.
  3. Upon arriving, follow the directions for your hired venue, as set out in Venue Access information, to open the building and disarm the security alarms.

Do not attempt to enter any room or area of the centre other than those you have hired. A fee will be charged if the alarm is set-off and security finds it necessary to attend the venue.

  1. Upon leaving, lock the door of the hired room then, if after hours, check the building is vacated, closing all windows and turning off the lights before leaving the building. Information on how to arm the alarm in each centre is contained in the Venue Access information.
  2. Fobs and/or security keys should be deposited in the afterhours key return box (where applicable), or returned on the next working day.
  3. Minimise noise of patrons entering and leaving the building, to prevent disturbances to nearby residents.
  4. Any fobs and/or security keys lost, damaged or not promptly returned will be charged an additional $50.00 fee. Please report any lost fobs immediately to Council or a member of the Community Spaces team.

Inside the building and room hired, the hirer shall:

  1. Take note of Fire Evacuation Plan displayed near the door in each room hired. Fire exit doors must be kept clear at all times.
  2. Respect other users and tenants within the building. Abide by the NO SMOKING policy inside all Ballina Shire Council buildings. Smoking is permitted outside the building, when keeping a fair distance from doorways and other users, and ensuring use of the bins provided.
  3. Not tamper with any device or system designed for use in an emergency, such as fire alarms, fire extinguishers or fire hose reels.
  4. Advise the Community Spaces team if equipment is used in any way and the hirer will be charged the cost of inspection and repair and/or replenishing of equipment if used unnecessarily.
  5. Report any safety issues or identified hazards to the Community Spaces team before, or upon, return of the electronic fob.
  6. Not use glitter, confetti or similar inside the rooms or surrounding areas.
  7. Not use thumbtacks, staples, sticky tape or similar to fasten display material on walls.
  8. Be responsible for all damage caused by the placement or removal of decorations.
  9. Not drag chairs and tables across the floor. Always lift furniture or use the chair trolleys provided. If you cannot locate a trolley please ask a staff member to assist you.
  10. Adhere strictly to the hiring hours with all patrons leaving no later than 15 minutes after the booking expiration time.
  11. Be responsible for the security of the building throughout the hire period and not attempt to enter any room other than the room and areas allocated. Doing so will trigger the alarm and the hirer will be liable for call out fees caused by unauthorised access.
  12. Be responsible for the full replacement costs of any breakages or damages to the building, its fittings and contents (including equipment) and the surrounding grounds. Breakages must be reported before or upon return of keys.

Before Leaving Rooms and Kitchenette the hirer shall:

  1. Remove all personal possessions from the rooms prior to returning the key and fob. There are no permanent storage facilities available in any of the venues and Council holds no responsibility for possessions left or damaged at the centre.
  2. Leave the room in clean and tidy condition. All food, drink and rubbish are to be placed in bins provided, or removed from the room if bins are not provided. Used tables should be wiped down, carpet is to be vacuumed where possible and the room left in good order.
  3. Leave the kitchenette clean and tidy. Do not leave tea, coffee, sugar or milk behind. No food is to be left in the kitchenettes.
  4. Wash, dry and put away all cutlery and crockery.
  5. Pay any additional cleaning fees if room, foyer and kitchenette are not left in order and a cleaner is required.

Conditions Of Hire – Multiple Use / Regular Hire

The following terms and conditions will apply to regular bookings that hire facilities or equipment within Ballina Shire Council’s Community Spaces. Recurring/regular bookings are only available Sunday to Thursday, where available, and will only be confirmed on approval of the Community Spaces team.

The hirer shall:

  1. Abide by conditions 1 through 32 as outlined in the above General Terms and Conditions of Use.
  2. Be provided the privilege of securing a regular booking on the understanding that from time to time, the user may be asked to alter the date, time or space provided to accommodate large events of significance to the community or to local community groups.
  3. Be provided with reasonable notice should the regular user be required to alter their booking for a large event. The Community Spaces team will work with the regular user to ensure the best possible alternative arrangements for their hire.

On the Booking Form you will be asked to indicate that you have read, understood and agree to the Terms and Conditions as outlined above.

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