The Ballina Surf Club is located at 65 Lighthouse Parade, East Ballina NSW 2478.



The Ballina Surf Club function rooms are available for hire between 6.00am and midnight, Monday to Sunday.

They are located on the second floor of the building and are accessible externally via a ramp on the northern side of the building. Arrangements can be made to assist individuals who have difficulty traversing the ramp to access the internal lift. Please indicate at the time of booking that you require lift access under the “Venue Access” section.

Key Collection

Collect from Ballina Indoor Sports Centre, 63 Cherry Street, Ballina

8.30am to 8.00pm, Monday to Thursday, 8.30am to 5.00pm Fridays.

8.30am to 4.30pm Saturdays and Sundays.

Please collect your key at least one day prior to your booking.

Opening the Rooms

  1. Upon arriving at the centre on the day of hire, first swipe your fob past the small black sensor pad, that is located on the right-hand wall outside the upper entry foyer doors. This will open the foyer doors and disarm the toilets, foyer and allocated room/s. Locate your room/s and unlock it by swiping your fob past the small black sensor pad, that is located on the right-hand wall of the room door. Do not attempt to enter any room or area of the centre other than those you have hired. A fee will be charged if the alarm is set-off and security finds it necessary to attend the venue.
  2. Once inside the building you will be required to open the foyer entry for any other users that arrive to attend your event outside of the centre’s standard opening hours. You can do this by opening the doors of the foyer and your associated function room/s by simply pushing the doors, gently, into the open position. They will hold open until you choose to close them.
  3. If you do not secure the doors in the open position, you will require the electronic fob to re-enter the building any time you exit it during your hire. To do this, simply swipe the fob over the small black sensor pad again.

Closing the Rooms

  1. Upon leaving: close and lock all windows and or balcony doors; turn off all the lights; lock the door of the hired room by returning it to the closed position; check the toilets and foyer have been vacated; then lock the foyer doors behind you as you leave the building by returning them to the closed position.
  2. Ensure the key is returned and a departure checklist completed.
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